Administrative Staff

Lana Minner

Lana Minner.jpg


Lana Minner started as a CFCC volunteer and then joined the Support Staff team in 2012. Along with performing many administrative tasks, Lana works as an Equine Specialist in our H. E. L. P. (Horses Easing Life’s Pain) program. This program uses horses to assist clients in the healing process. Lana enjoys being a part of the loving and compassionate team at CFCC. She loves greeting and encouraging people while making them feel welcome. Lana finds joy in serving at CFCC and sees God heal marriages, bring families together, restore hope, and give people the life they desire.


Only if you are willing to pray sincerely for God’s will to be done & are willing to live the life apportioned to you, will you see the breathtaking view of God that he wants you to have, through the windows he has placed in your life.
— Ravi Zacharias