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Sometimes it is Life and Death

A middle-aged male had enough with life with work and family stressors were overwhelming him and was discovered by a friend right before he attempted to end his life. An emergency call was placed to CFCC. He got an emergency appointment with one of our compassionate professionals. Through interactions with our services he was stabilized, healed/restored, and was able to return to his job, his family, and stated “I would not be alive without the help that I received from CFCC."

CFCC’s professionals brings together the highest levels of training with an active faith in Christ. Every single day, the team of 24 professionals and support team members pursue the calling to be a compassionate ministry of hope and healing for ALL PEOPLE with an unrivaled fervor. We believe that partnering the CFCC team with other community organizations we build stronger systems of care to provide the best care possible to strengthen individuals, couples, families, and overall communities. We currently have 11 locations that provide approximately 14,000 sessions annually across a 335 mile service radius. We believe that everyone should be able to obtain the highest level of care regardless of insurance coverage, income, or location.

Even though we are able to help so many across the region, still there are many that we are having to put on a waiting list, which currently sits at 235 people. We provide referrals and most people request to stay on our waiting list and if people are flexible in their schedules normally we can get them in fairly quickly.

If CFCC is not available to meet the ever increasing demand for great services, I fear many lives would be lost, families would be disrupted, many would not be able to reach their full potential of what the Father is calling them to. CFCC plays a significant role in the health of individuals, families and communities. We are honored to be doing this work in partnership with so many great organizations under the direction of the Father.


Quick Facts

  • Founded in 1991
  • 11 Office Locations
  • 24 clinicians
  • 14,000 sessions in 2017
  • 16% of services donated
  • 10 church partners

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Our goal is to serve every person, no matter their financial situation.


Meet the Executive Director

Dr. Corey Schliep

Dr. Corey Schliep

Dr. Corey Schliep, Ph.D, LCMFT

My approach is based on providing an environment of respect and acceptance, in which a nurturing relationship can be created. I work collaboratively with clients to design a customized treatment plan that uniquely meets his or her needs. I specialize in treating attachment issues, family and marital relationship difficulties, human systems consulting, along with anxiety, depression, parent-child conflict, and difficulties that are hindering spiritual growth. Learn More


Without the right team this organization would not exist. We have 22 amazing clinicians that work to serve our community on a daily basis. Each one has their own unique story and abilities. No matter who works with you, rest assured that each is state qualified and will work to serve each area of your life.